ClientPriorityPriority OrderStart RangeEnd RangeRemainingAssignedNext PlateCreated ByCreated OnUpdated ByUpdated On
Avis Budget Groupno5CKR 532CKR 532CKR Charlene Gobert2023-07-24 10:36:47Charlene Gobert2023-07-24 10:36:47
Avis Budget Groupno1KGS 101KGS 999KGS Super User2022-11-29 03:54:39Super User2023-05-08 22:47:01
Avis Budget Groupno2LBT 626LBT 925LBT Charlene Gobert2023-02-13 18:07:42Super User2023-05-08 22:47:15
Avis Budget Groupyes3LFH 651LFH 999167182LFH 833Charlene Gobert2023-03-02 11:12:11Super User2023-05-08 22:47:28
Avis Budget Groupno4LFJ 101LFJ 450LFJ Charlene Gobert2023-03-02 11:12:38Super User2023-05-08 22:47:38
Demo Clientyes1DEM 101DEM 9998843DEM 104Super User2023-01-29 00:01:10Super User2023-05-08 22:47:47
*Note: When plate ranges are deleted, only plates within a range that have not been assigned to a vehicle will be deleted.
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